Our Services

1. Technical sessions: studying & completing the information

For Pars-Shian the first step is to hold technical and consultation sessions right at your own office.
We will compile all the information we collected in these meetings and send them to the manufacturer. Since Pars-Shian is the official representative in Iran, our technical team enjoys the utmost level of cooperation and harmony with the manufacturer. And this enables them to come up with the best solutions.


2. Offering the Best Solution along with the Best price

After going through all technical details, we will offer to you the best solution with the most efficiency and lowest price possible. This is achievable due to our close collaboration, as the only official representative in Iran, with the manufacturer. We will stand by your side until the very end where any kind of study or modification is required.


3. Executing the Projects

After signing a contract, Pars-Shian sends its trained technical team to you, of course if the manufacturer considers it necessary, to monitor the execution of the entire process according to manufacturer standards. Taking the project step by step according to manufacturer standards removes any chance of committing even the smallest of mistakes


4. After-Sales Services

Pars-Shian would stand by your side throughout all phases of collaboration. We offer extensive after-sales services when the project is over, and whenever our help might come in handy.


Recent Projects

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